Signs of Problematic Drive Shafts in Pumps

April 26, 2018

A drive shaft, or drive shaft, is one of the most important central mechanical components within your pump. The drive shaft is used as a bridge for kinetic energy to be transferred in order for the entire pump to properly operate. As such, your drive shaft will have to be able to endure constant rigours and stress despite being in the relative comfort of the pump's housing. In order to keep your impeller rotating, you need a healthy drive shaft. A failed drive shaft could kill the operation of your pump and impinge on whatever it is your pump is operating on. In order to avoid these disastrous drive shaft failures, what can you do?

Appraising the Symptoms of a Failing Drive Shaft

A pinch of awareness will keep your pump operating for years and it all starts by paying special attention to the operating effectiveness of your drive shaft. When dealing with a drive shaft, it can be difficult to accurately assess if the mechanical component is failing. After all, the drive shaft is housed within the pump and you aren't going to be opening up your pump every day to pay attention to it. Fortunately, there are a few easy diagnostic ways to tune into whether or not the drive shaft your pump relies upon is nearing the end of its usefulness. How is this done?

  1. Pay Attention to Vibration - The first and most instantly recognisable symptom of a problematic drive shaft is a loud and distinctive vibrating sound. Your drive shaft will begin to vibrate when mechanic components attached to it, such as your bushings, begin to wear out. Ignoring these vibrations will only allow the problem to persist which can lead to a total failure.
  2. Loud and Uneven Noises - If your pump makes loud clunking noises at an intermittent rate, it could be a symptom that your drive shaft is starting to wear out or come undone within the body of the pump. Constant operation, and the stress that comes with it will wear out even the highest quality of drive shafts.
  3. Total Failure of Operation - Last, and certainly not least, if your pump abruptly, loudly, and violently quits operating it could be symptomatic of a total failure with your driveshaft. When your drive shaft has had enough it will break and your entire pump will be shut down, leaving you and your machine out of luck.

Paying close attention to your pump and the components within can lead to an extended life for your machine. Use the symptoms we laid out above as a guideline in order to properly analyse the quality of your drive shaft.

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