SEEPEX Progressive Cavity Pumps: Rotors and Spare Parts Available at Alpha Pumps

March 5, 2019

SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps are some of the finest in the world. With this being said, there are times when you will require rotors and other spare parts to repair these pumps. Normal wear and tear eventually catches up with even these high-quality pumps to where you need to address the issues for them to keep working for you now and in the future. Luckily, Alpha Pumps sells these elements and offers other services to help return your SEEPEX pumps back to full-operational condition.


SEEPEX is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of pump technology in the world today. The company’s progressive cavity pumps are durable in a variety of situations that involve low to high viscous, abrasive or aggressive media being conveyed at low pulsation speeds and keep the media flowing at the right rate. The basis for these pumps in the N Standard one just to provide you with one of the models. It offers various stator and rotor geometries, uniform flow, low pulsations, and other benefits.

Why Turn to Alpha Pumps for Rotors and Spare Parts for Your SEEPEX Cavity Pumps

Here at Alpha Pumps we understand how much you rely upon your SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps for your daily operations. This is why we deliver high-quality services, rotors and spare parts to ensure that you can keep you pumps operational all throughout the year.

Our company provides reconditioning for your worn rotors where we will re-machine, re-weld these rotors using our specially designed rotor re-cutting machine. This machine replicates the rotor according to its original dimensions and specifications. You can receive your rotor with only a short-term notice. Also, you can request it be made in food-grade stainless steel or hardened tool steel when either one is better for your purpose. Alpha Pumps also supplies a wide assortment of spare parts, such as coupling rods, rotors, universal joints and joint shafts. We also can wear improve or recondition any kind of driveshaft or rotor.

Our company has all of these abilities since the founder of our company started manufacturing rotors back in the 1970s in Germany. He moved to this country in 1982. He began to design and manufacture pumps using his knowledge of German technology. Alpha Pumps first opened its doors in 1988, and we are still serving clients today with all locally made, high-quality parts.

Meet with us at your convenience to receive a quote of our services and parts that you require to address your specific needs with the SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps. At the same time, you can ask us about our other product and service offerings.

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