Rotor Pump Recutting Services in Melbourne: How Does Recutting Work?

May 21, 2018

Helical rotor pumps are reliable. However, there are antagonistic forces in play within the machinery. Suspended solids and sharp-edged grains are abrading the rotor metal. In the meantime, high stream temperatures and caustic chemicals are causing stator expansion. Again, it's the rotor that feels the brunt of the compressive assault, and the damage to the metal is taking its toll. No worries, though, Melbourne's progressive cavity machines are protected.

Restoring the Functional Elements

What happens when a regular pump experiences an electrical fault? The smell of windings varnish stinks up the air, and the repair tech knows the damage is severe. Still, he doesn't just throw the equipment on the scrap heap, not if he wants to stay gainfully employed. This is an expensive piece of machinery, and it can be saved. In electrical workshops, that rescue happens when the damaged windings are replaced. If a rewinding service can pull off that trick, can't we save a helical rotor pump with some remarkable technological process? As a matter of fact, that's what rotor pump recutting is all about. Here's an expensive helical element, a screw-like shaft that's imbued with a precisely cut geometrical profile. The metal is severely pitted and scratched, but it's salvageable, not scrap.

Melbourne's De Facto Recutting Service

If the double chrome finish is scoured away by an abrasive stream, then the rotor simply heads back to the workshop for cleaning. Scrubbed clean of chemicals and contaminants, the specially shaped shaft is turned over to the post-processing department, where it's again double plated in chrome. It's protected. Unfortunately, worst case scenarios can't be in this manner. The damage has gone too deep. The pitting effect and scrapes are impairing the curving surfaces. The overly worn screw shaft needs to be recut. For that reason alone, the service needs to be conducted by a workshop, one equipped with a universal recutting machine. Using this advanced piece of equipment, trained employees process the damaged rotor. They manipulate that tool until the material surface is restored to its former geometrical outlines.

There are limits to what can be done, of course. Abrasive defects are subtractive, and they cut away metal. It's next to impossible to replace large chipped sections of destroyed metal. And that damaged section will obviously compromise the progressive cavity effect, the formation of the sealed and mix-free fluid pockets, so a salvage operation is unlikely. Still, if the damage is limited to scrapes and general pitting, Melbourne's premier rotor pump recutting service, right here at Alpha Pumps, will restore the component until it exudes a smoothly recut geometrical profile.

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