Tips to Help Prevent Pump Stator Failure

February 14, 2018

Progressive cavity pumps are remarkable devices. The elongated pumps split fluid loads into discrete packages. They accomplish this feat without mixing the fluid, so they're employed in many fluid-based beverage and food applications. Built to handle messy effluent streams, this screw-like rotor can pump abrasive solids.

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Causes of Drive Shaft Failure in Pumps

January 29, 2018

Power flows through a drive shaft. The kinetic energy rotates a universal joint, it arrives at a pump housing, and an impeller rotates. It's a simple enough sequence, one that relies on this vital bridging rod. Unfortunately, drive shaft failures do occur. Subsequently, when that coupling breaks, the pumping mechanism is isolated from the power source.

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Causes of Abrasion Problems in Helical Rotor Pumps?

January 12, 2018

While its armour-plated rotor smoothly delivers a turgid load, a nominated helical rotor pump functions flawlessly. The long screw-like mechanism operates well within its design parameters, it creates packets of viscous fluid, and the flow is regulated. There is, however, an adverse condition accompanying that smoothly regulated stream.

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