Benefits of Using Progressive Cavity Pumps for Viscous Chemicals in Manufacturing Industries

May 10, 2018

In the manufacturing world, there will occasionally be times when machines are needed in order to transfer viscous liquid from one area to the next. During these scenarios, a special type of pump is brought into play. There is a vast array of different types of liquid required in the manufacturing industry but we will be focusing our discussion on viscous chemicals. Viscous chemicals require a special transportation pump called a progressive cavity pump. Progressive cavity pumps are vastly different than the traditional pumps you would use for thinner liquid. Let's break down the benefits of using a progressive cavity pump for all of your viscous chemical transportation needs.

Progressive Cavity Pump Benefits for Viscous Chemicals

The chemical transportation process is a process filled with moving parts. Progressive cavity pumps make this process altogether easier due to the nature of the pump's operation. A progressive cavity pump uses positive displacement in order to move liquid from one area to the next. Inside of a progressive cavity pump, you will find a specialised suction inlet which pushes into a casing that is affixed with a rotor and stator. This rotor rotates, causing suction into cavity spaces, and thus the liquid is moved. Now, knowing how the progressive cavity pump works is different than knowing why it is beneficial for chemical liquids. Let's answer that question now: what are the benefits of a progressive cavity pump?

  1. Movement Efficiency - When purchasing a progressive cavity pump, you are getting a machine that is capable of handling a variety of different chemicals. You will not need to switch out your pump every time that you switch your chemical processing. Progressive cavity pumps can handle liquids of varying viscosity levels.
  2. Exact Metering - Thanks to the low pulsation within the PC pump, you will be able to get exact metering levels. Maintaining accuracy and efficiency is simply easier with a progressive cavity pump.
  3. High Pressure - Typically, most progressive cavity pumps are going to be rated to handle intense pressure. This makes a progressive cavity pump ideal for a variety of different manufacturing industries.
  4. Gentle Movement - Finally, when using a progressive cavity pump you will also find that your chemicals will transport in a gentle and efficient way. The chambers within the pump are constantly in motion and thus far less abrasive than other conventional styles of pumps.

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