Benefits of Chrome Plated Helical Rotor Pumps

December 12, 2016

Top quality chrome plating techniques have been in use for some time. If you doubt our word, pop into a local hardware store. There are literally thousands of screws using the tough coating in there. Interestingly enough, these products look like pocket-sized versions of the helical rotor pumps we're about to surface coat. It's obviously a highly desirable finish, but what exactly are the benefits of chrome plated helical rotor pumps?

Chrome Plated Comparisons

Pint-sized screws do use this tough metal finish, but the similarities end at the geometrical profile. Fasteners screw down and anchor, but they don't move after they've been tightened. As for helical rotor pumps, they do adopt the same profile as a diminutive screw, but they're far larger than a standard fastener and, more importantly, always on the move.

Chrome Plated Benefits: Rotor Coatings

At first sight, the primary benefit is the stripped back plating methodology. Electroplating technology is in common use today, so most metal and plastic parts readily subscribe to this robust coating method. But then there's the wear resistant feature and a subsequent durability rating to consider. Next, the chromium coating has an aptitude for blocking corrosive fluids, which is a feature that every hard working metal rotor can appreciate as it works tirelessly in a confined pipe full of abrasive fluids. The plating process also heals the metal by filling scratches and surface-pitted metal scars. Once filled, the polished veneer of the helical shaft is ready for service again. Aesthetically attractive and mechanically armoured, the aged rotor becomes like new again.

Addressing the Depth Factor

Finally, intricate geometrical profiles benefit from a depth-controllable feature. After all, the stator/rotor relationship does use an eccentric axial cycle, but it also requires high tolerances so that the progressive cavity is properly generated and efficiently transmitted as a shear-free pocket. A single exactingly bonded layer should be enough to assure this superior rotor coating will deflect all abrasive influences, but there's also an option to double coat the rotor and really reinforce the anti-abrasive feature.

In listing the benefits of chrome plated helical rotor pumps, a newly manufactured screw that's finished in this manner is gifted with durability. Older rotors miss out on this protective coating, but they can be reconditioned and imbued with chrome-plated armour, all so that the worn part can be rejuvenated and restored. More than this, the reconditioned screw will be tougher than it ever was, so durable that it's better than new.

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