A Review on Helical Rotor Pumps and How They Contribute to Manufacturing Industries

November 9, 2018

As a key concept, a helical rotor pump's ability to convey many types of fluids does benefit the manufacturing industry. Speaking of different fluid types, we're not limiting this post to semi-solids and thick, gooey pastes. In this sector, this pump category is also expected to gently convey the abrasive loads that float suspended within those fluid mediums. Built as all-around industry contributors, such talents deserve highlighting.

Single-Phase Fluid Conveyance

Stringy cheeses and pulpy paper flow thickly through a pump line. In this manufacturing sequence, single-phase fluids are on their way elsewhere, to be dried or further processed. Certain to strangle regular positive displacement units, these activities are steadily maintained by helical rotors and their tightly sealed stators, which are loaded with elastomeric gasketing power. In the two cases mentioned above, abrasive content isn't an issue, but viscoelastic hazards do represent a fluid-conveying threat. Adding fluid phases and material suspensions to the mix, helical rotors barely issue a performance hiccup.

Processing Multi-Phase Manufacturing Fluids

Or perhaps that should be "non-processing" power, for helical rotor pumps are designed to handle multiple fluid streams in a manufacturing plant without carrying out any processing action. The shear-free, mix-less design creates discrete pockets inside the elastomeric cylinder. Essentially, different manufacturing chemicals and different fluid mixes arrive at their destinations in small, unblended packets, where they can then be further worked upon in whatever equipment operation dominates the manufacturing process. Better yet, though, if the chemicals or foodstuffs are mix-sensitive, the pump won't impact their fluid compositions in any way, because those pockets are gently conveyed along and through the pump mechanism.

Reviewing the Helical Benefits

Unfortunately, the manufacturing sector does use abrasive mediums. Even a stream of strawberry jam, freshly discharged from a crushing and squeezing station, could carry seeds and slightly caustic acids. Alloy-plated helical rotors endure when such conditions push hard. They also reduce flow velocity and wear in complex manufacturing networks, so the pipes and equipment line can process the thickest, most obdurate fluids with great efficiency.

Clearly, as we've illustrated many times in past posts, helical rotor pumps are incredibly versatile, and that versatility factor does favour the manufacturing sector. For turbulence-sensitive foods and chemicals, the pumps carefully transport their loads without causing formula alterations or taste changes. Single-state milk or yoghurt, multi-phase manufacturing chemicals or key production manipulating reagents, the progressive cavity design operates on those fluid streams with gentle but resolute strength. And, should the stream contain abrasive suspensions or semi-solid clogs, this pump type will use its “no interruption” design features to keep a manufacturing facility ceaselessly engaged.

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